Welcome To Shipley Homes, LLC Rentals for people with pitbull family members or similar or big breeds that most landlords discriminate against in Maryland. If this is not your state, scroll to bottom for others.

We are a dog rescue & real estate investment/property management company. Our mission is to keep families with their dogs because one of the biggest reasons pitbulls end up in shelters is because they’re family can’t find landlords who will allow them. The other reason 1.5 dogs are euthanized each year in the U.S. with almost half being of pitbull breed is due to over-breeding. So we are against breeding and WILL NOT rent to a tenant who’s dogs and cats are not fixed (or will be fixed prior to move in). Fixed dogs also have less cancer rate.

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Contact: 410-507-3866 (cell/text)
Email: Pitbullfriendlyhousing@gmail.com

Office Located at 211 E. Patapsco Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21225 by appointment

If you want to see if you can be approved to buy any home instead of rent, owner Amotion, (Amanda Amotion Shipley) is a Realtor with Cummings & Co Realtors and can assist you!               www.ShipleyHomes.net

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