To Apply

Fill out the lengthy form below. We will contact you after reviewing. If you are a good candidate for our program/housing we will do a separate background check for $35/adult.

  • No Evictions or good explanation & no minimum credit score but late payments or collections will be questioned and may require a larger deposit
  • No animal abuse/neglect offenses
  • No domestic abuse charges
  • We do accept vouchers
  • Shipley Homes, LLC properties only accept people with big or discriminated breeds, but our partner landlords on the site do not require dogs, but all are are allowed. Read the description on each property to see if required or not
  • All dogs & cats fixed, micro-chipped & up to date on rabies shots (We can refer places for these items if needed) & have no bite history
  • Proof of renters insurance covering liability of your pets
  • Proof of employment/finances