Qualifications & Free Application Below

Fill out the free form below and if we don’t contact with you within 3 days, email us at pitbullfriendlyhousing@gmail.com If you are a good candidate for tenancy and have not seen the property in person scheduling showing will be next and if still moving forward, $40/adult for the financial/credit/employment background check.

  • All properties allow all dog breeds but the listings that only accept dog families will say that
  • All dogs & cats FIXED, micro-chipped, up to date on rabies shots, no bite history, registered, vet paperwork given prior to lease signing
  • Tenant must have rental insurance that covers all dog occurances/every breed. State Farm & Safeco do cover.
  • No occupant in home may have a record of animal abuse/neglect/violent crimes to victims
  • No Non-payment court dates or evictions or good explanation WITH DOCUMENTED PROOF, – we check with past landlords
  • No minimum credit score required by most landlords on the site but late payments or collections of standard bills will be questioned/denied or require a larger deposit
  • 1-2 month deposit depends on tenants financial background history
  • We accept vouchers but the voucher program has to cover our price as their ‘market value assessment’ often comes in lower than what we charge/get
  • Proof of employment/finances & bank account that matches the deposits
  • Household income to be 3x the rent unless paying multiple months upfront

Click below for the FINAL application/credit/background/financial/employment/asset check if you’ve ALREADY SEEN THE HOUSE and want to move forward with tenancy. Each adult, age 18 or over must fill out their own and send $40 fee/adult to cashapp $ShipleyHomesLLC or Venmo @ShipleyHomesLLC Make sure to put the applicant/applicants name in the subject line of the payment. Also email PitbullFriendlyHousing@gmail.com with all your dogs paperwork, last 2 paystubs for each adult and any adult who’s ID we don’t already have a copy of (from pre-app) & use the same email on the background app for ‘agent’. Next, you will get an email from ‘tenantbackroundsearch.com & once you approve & pass the identity check, the program will send us the background check to review. Good luck!

Final Background App Here